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Daycare, Boarding, Grooming & Training

Here at Kerfree Kennels we strive to provide an amazing time for your pet. Whether they are just here for a groom, a day visit, or staying with us for a mini vacation, our top priority is that they love every minute with us! 

Exciting and safe interaction is our guiding principle here. We focus on providing each dog with interaction that they enjoy and will be excited to come back for! Check out our Day Schedule for an example itinerary of your dogs next vacation!


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Who We are

We were born and raised in Oregon, and moved to New Jersey to chase a dream. A dream that presented itself in a small town where we could contribute to a wonderful community by providing the best care for their wonderful companions. We have been working with animals for over 12 years now and truly enjoy every moment we get to spend with them. At Kerfree Kennels we strive to provide a wholesome family environment. Your pets are here to have a fun relaxing time while we make it a priority to keep them safe and happy while you enjoy your own trip or head to work.


Proudly Veteran Owned

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Extras Available for All Stays:

  • Pig Ears - $3 ea

  • Frozen Kongs - $4 ea (a mix of goats milk, pumpkin, and peanut butter filling)

    • Add Meat (chicken or beef) for $1 more!​

  • Pup Cups - $3


​We are proud to welcome ALL breeds of dogs and cats with open arms, as well as *most* exotic pets with the right supplies. We are equipped and trained to deal with behavioral problems as well.

We do our best to accommodate all of our community members, and will never overbook, because of this we count on reservations to be accurate. If you cancel a reservation anytime within 2 weeks of your planned stay, our cancellation fees are as follows:

2 weeks to 1 week before intended stay: $25

1 week to 3 days before intended stay: $75

3 days or less before intended stay: Half of intended stay cost

After Hours Pickup and Dropoff Fees

We appreciate that many of our pets parents live busy lives and it can be hard to get to all the places you need to be. We are happy to provide pickup or drop offs outside of our posted hours when we have the staff available to accommodate you. Please always check with and receive a confirmation from a member of staff at least 24 hours beforehand to schedule said accommodation.

After Hours Pickups or Drop offs are $50 ea.

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